Link care

Link Care

Here at LinkRec, we are fully committed to your service needs. All six of our locations combined now have over 45 service bays for your convenience. Link is one of the only dealers in the area offering "Certified Delivery Technicians" who make sure you fully understand all of the features and systems aboard your new boat at the time of delivery.

We also understand your desire to stay on the water and not in the shop; so we've developed our LinkCare program. With LinkCare, in most cases, we are able to instantly diagnose your boat's service or repair problem and will make the repair on the spot if we have the parts and personnel available. This helps keep you, the Link customer, on the water where you surely would rather be.

At LinkRec we understand that without customers like you, our business will not succeed. We also believe we provide the best products and services at the absolute lowest cost without lowering the standard of quality. LinkRec is proud to serve your boating needs as it has done since 1950.

Thank you for your business. Each of us at LinkRec looks forward to serving you at our stores or on the water in the coming years.

Bob Steinway